City of Aventicum

City of Aventicum

A classic Gorean City in Second life. The Stairs to the Three Moons.

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Head of Caste Vacancies!

Tal Goreans,   to be a viable and thriving city, we need Head Of Caste (HOC) positions to help give leadership and guidance. We have certain needs and expectations for our HOC positions. Mostly needed at the moment: HoC Physician, HoC Slaver/Slavers House, Commander of […]

Gorean Housing. Looking for a Home?

Ever wanted to actually live in a Gorean City with active roleplay going on? Not an OOC home, a real IC housing experience in a rising City?     We get more and more great players each day, so join the fun with us!   […]

Update: Relocation finished, Sim open

Tal Goreans, finally we got to the point where we can open the “new” Aventicum to the public! We are absolutely excited, love the look the advantage of a full Sim gives to us. We changed some smaller, some bigger things, and we are far […]

Update about the Relocation

The reason why we wanted to relocate Aventicum to a different sim was the final decision to do this project on a full sim, instead of just a homestead. Of course, more prims, a bit of a redesign. Quite a lot of redesign.   But […]

We are moving!

Aventicum is moving to a different sim. Sorry for your inconvenience on the current sim 😉    

Aventicum has opened the doors!

Ta-Sardar Gor, spread the news! Aventicum, the Stairs to the Three Moons, has finally opened the doors again! Every Gorean is welcome to come and visit us, and maybe you want to make Aventicum to your Home Stone?   Let’s develop this dream of a […]

Building almost finished

We finished most of the rebuild. Some details need to be added, but the Sim is playable in general.   First impressions of Aventicum:     Some of the Towers       Some more Aventicum       Cylinder of the Warriors in the […]